Principal's Update

Principal's Update

September 06, 2021

6th September 2021

The start of the 2021 - 2022 academic year

Dear Parents

I welcome you all to this new academic year.

I thought it pertinent to provide an update as the students begin the new academic year.  To date all classes are timetabled and staffed.  Unfortunately, the secondary timetable was severely disrupted on the first day due to a technical matter which was beyond the school’s control.  However, the school has implemented a strategy to prevent any future disruption to learning as a result of this technical matter.  Please note that due to circumstances beyond the school’s control a few teachers have yet to enter Kuwait and so will be delivering their lessons remotely from the United Kingdom.  

It was brought to my attention that incorrect information was shared with you regarding the terms and conditions when  collecting a Chromebook.  Please note that once you have obtained the Chromebook it belongs to you.  There is no expectation that you return the Chromebook once your child leaves The English Academy.  In addition, you should have been informed that a single payment applies instead of paying 60 KD every academic year.  However, to ease the financial strain of paying this one off payment it has been agreed that this can be paid over this academic year.  

For anyone obtaining a Chromebook for the first time this academic year this would involve paying 200 KD, or paying by installments of 50 KD in the first term, 75 KD in the second term and 75 KD in the third term.  For those parents who have already paid 60 KD last year when they collected the Chromebook they would pay 140 KD [this can be paid by installments].   For those parents who have already paid 120 KD towards the Chromebook over the last two years they would only pay 80 KD.  No more payment would be forthcoming.

I am pleased to report that the school has responded positively to the parental request to hold am and pm sessions for students attending EYFS and KS1 lessons whilst teaching is conducted remotely.  I would also like to clarify that the school day for KS1 students will end at 14:05 when they return to school in October.  The issue of providing school transport has yet to be resolved along with the provision of a Late Club as you will be notified of the updates in due course.  


It is expected that students will return to school from Sunday 3rd October 2021, in a limited capacity, and as such remote learning is likely to continue beyond Thursday 23rd September 2021.  I can confirm that students from KG & REC will be attending school full time from Sunday 3rd October 2021 & that the school is seeking to see if it has the capacity to enable other cohorts to attend school on a full time basis whilst ensuring Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education procedures are maintained..  You will be kept up to date with any development on this matter.  

Please be reminded that all children aged 12 years and above need to be vaccinated or to provide a negative PCR result at the start of each week in order to enter the school premises.  

If you need to communicate with a member of staff please contact the appropriate secretary/Dept:


Contact Details

Accounts Dept          

EY Secretary              96028962

KS1 Secretary           96028962

KS2 Secretary             97421658

Secondary Secretary             96721148

In the meantime, I thank you for your support, and will continue to keep you abreast of developments.


Stewart Cowden

School Principal

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