Principal's Update

Principal's Update

August 29, 2021

29th August 2021

Preparation for the start of the 2021 - 2022 academic year

Dear Parents

I am writing to confirm that classes will resume on Sunday 5th September 2021. Initially students will be taught remotely with students ???????? at home.  EYFS / KS 1 classes will begin at 7:30 and end by 11:55.  KS 2 classes will begin at 7:30 and end by 14:10. KS 3, 4 and 5 classes will begin at 7:40 and end by 14:15.  Timetables will be issued this week and Google Meets with parents & students will be held to ensure that the term begins successfully.

These are indeed trying times for every parent preparing to send their child back to school.  However, I am confident that The English Academy will provide a safe and caring environment in which every student succeeds whilst overcoming the problems created by the pandemic.  Students need to return to school and this is what The English Academy is striving to achieve in a safe and secure manner whilst adhering to the guidance & protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.  

The school continues to consider the most effective and efficient way to organise how students should return to the school premises from Sunday 26th September 2021 in line with Ministry of Health and Education guidelines.  Like most other international schools in Kuwait, The English Academy is likely to adopt a hybrid approach to learning which involves students attending school on specified days whilst consolidating their learning at home on others. The exact details of the hybrid approach will be shared with you in the coming weeks.  However, the school’s priority is to get every student back to school on a daily basis whilst meeting Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education requirements.  To this end, I can confirm that KG and Reception classes will return on a full time basis when face to face teaching resumes.  In the meantime, the school is striving to see what can be done to ensure that all students return to school on a full time basis in a safe and orderly manner in line with pandemic guidance.  Every option is being explored to see when and how all students can return full time to The English Academy.   

I am hopeful that the school will be able to provide the necessary school buses to enable students to travel to and from school.  As soon as I am in a position to confirm actual arrangements I will.

I understand that parents wish for the school to organise a Late Club, primarily for those students in KG and Reception who finish at an earlier time.  The school is actively seeking to make this happen and an update will be provided in the coming weeks.

As Principal, I fully understand the concerns that parents have at this moment in time, as their children prepare to start a new school year, in an era dominated by COVID-19.  However, please be reassured that the school is working to provide solutions to overcome these concerns.    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns regarding the new school year.  In the meantime I wish you well.  Please expect an update on developments in the coming weeks.  

To conclude, I appeal to every parent to get their child vaccinated.  Please be reminded that there is an expectation that all students aged 12+ years need to be vaccinated.  I look forward to your support in this matter.


Stewart Cowden

School Principal

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