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Family Information



Other Emergency Contact Numbers ( if Parents are not Available)

Do You Have Any Brothers / Sisters at English Academy

Transportation information (Please Complete if Applicable)

*it must be understood that when registerring, if there is a change of address there will be a three days delay to enable the bus driver to become familiar with the route

1.Educational History

A. Child's Previous Schooling (indicate if within KWT either Government, Private Arabic or Foreign, or if out of KWT indicate the country; the curriculam followed should also be indicated):

B. Difficulties in Learing / Behavior

2.Medical Details

3.Acceptance Procedure

  • 2 Passport-size Photographs
  • Copy of child's Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Student's Passport (Kuwaiti & Non Kuwaiti) / Visa (Non-Kuwaiti)
  • Copy of Parent's & Student's Civil ID
  • Copy of Father's Nationality Certificate (Kuwaiti's Only)
  • Copy of Parent's Passport & Visa (Non Kuwait)
  • Letter of Transfer (Year 1 Up to year 12 or age appropriate SEN)
  • Copy of the most Recent School Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Medical Records
  • Non-refundable deposit

Please Check

The Undersigned (Father/Guardian) of the Above Applicant Declares that:

According to the Ministry of Education's regulations (Private Sector) regarding registration and enrollment for the new academic year, we should like to draw your attention to the importance of this process, which takes into consideration the following:

  • All the information stated above is true and that he/she shall be held responsible for any mistakes made while transmitting it.
  • I agree to furnish the school with all the academic records and admission documents prior registration and will furnish the school with any documents which are renewed during the time your son/daughter is registered in the school.
  • I understand that Kuwait National English School may obtain, process and hold personal information about my son/daughter, including sensitive information such as medical details and I consent to this for purposes of assessment and if a place is later offered, in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of our son/daughter.
  • I agree that the acceptance and retention of my son/daughter by Kuwait National English School is on the understanding that he/she accepts and conforms to the rules of the school and wi 11 cooperate with the school administration in applying them. I will undertake to conform to the particulars and regulations of the school as stated in the brochure Student/Parent hand book and additional documents, subject to any amendments that may from time to time be found necessary.
  • I agree to touow the school system regarding the registration fees, tuition fees, books fees, Bus fees and uniform fees. It is understood that the enrolment is for the full academic year and that tuition fees are payable in advance and no refund of tuition fees is possible in case of temporary absence or if the student mentioned above is dismissed from the school for reasons of non-compliance with the school's regulations or in the case of leaving the school.
  • Registration is dependent on a satisfactory record of good conduct.
  • I declare that the address mentioned in the application is my legal address and should the address change, I will inform administration of this change, in case of registering student in bus, the school will not be responsible if the parent changed the address without informing the administration department.
  • I agree to purchase the official uniform of the school from the School Uniform Store and obliged to wear the full school uniform (winter/ summer).
  • Extra Curricular Activities such a support in most subjects, sporting, musical and artistic activities are on offer for one hour after school it is understood that students have to register for at least one club per term.
  • In case the student is transferring to another school in Kuwait or overseas, the parents have to give one term's notice.
  • Student /Parents hand book is available to be picked up and parents should check the new version of the academic year.
  • In case of separation of parents should show the school documents proving educational guardianship of the student and the school is not responsible for ant differences arise between the parties.
  • Before signing, please read carefully the above and return the form to the school.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation in this matter

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